Thursday, 13 June 2013

Which are Better Subdomain or Subdirectory

When comes to create a new addition to your website , two things will come to the mind of the webdevelopers . That is Subdomain & Subdirectory which one is best for my site. Probably , Everyday most of the people meets this question . In fact , i don`t know about that which is better
before facing this problem on i research about that and understand which is better Subdomain or Subdirectory. this is a serious matter , it is related to SEO ranking .
Understand About Sub domain :
You can create a sub domain under your top level domain name for instance ,
Top level :
Subdomain :
Even sub domain are running under your top level domain, search engines consider it is a different don’t get any SEO rank of Top level domain name to the subdomains name . Subdomain should earn those things from beginning.
Why I need Sub domain
you can create a sub domain when you start a new concept, which is not related to your existing website. For example, you are running a website about tourism , it is covering world wide. At now you are going to create a website about recipe then you can start the site in subdomains.
Understand About Subdirectory:
You can create a folder under the top level domain name is known as subdirectory.
Top level:
where /jaipur is subdirectory.
There are having so many advantages by create a subdirectory, it is search engine friendly process. The subdirectory gets the SEO Ranking of your top level domain name because it is part of the domain not like sub domain.
Why I need Subdirectory
if you are going to create a content which is related to your existing site concept then you can create a subdirectory. For example , your exist website is about vehicle, then you can create many subdirectory as bicycles,car,trucks etc. Its gets a good web traffic from search engine to your site.In my view sub directory is good for getting traffic .

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